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The Toronto Supportive Housing Growth Plan unites supportive housing providers from across sectors to increase the supply of housing with supports in Toronto.


The number of people waiting for supportive housing in Toronto has long outpaced supply, with thousands of individuals and families unable to access the help they need.

The Growth Plan advances new, more collaborative ways for the sector to work together to build capacity for expansion and development and help achieve the City of Toronto’s target of growing Toronto’s supportive housing supply by a minimum of 18,000 homes by 2030.


The Growth Plan is a comprehensive strategy, with year-by-year actions to grow the supply of housing with supports, improve access to supportive housing, and enhance care for supportive housing clients.

Pillars of the Growth Plan

Grow the stock

available for supportive housing.

Commit to anti-racist strategies and action

to drive equitable outcomes for all.

Improve access and flow

to serve more people and respond to changing needs.

Address the opioid crisis

and keep supportive housing clients safe.

Participating in
the Growth Plan

The Growth Plan plan is driven by providers representing a range of clients and funding programs. It includes mental health and addictions programs funded by the Ministry of Health, alternative housing providers funded by the City of Toronto, and disability services housing funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services — serving a wide range of client ages and needs.

Participating providers receive all the tools they need to implement the Growth Plan's strategies and be part of collective action and advocacy.

How government can help

How government can help

Through the Growth Plan, housing and supports providers have identified opportunities to expand the impact of existing resources and create efficiencies by working more collaboratively. These are critical steps, yet will not be enough to meet need without the support and partnership of all orders of govoernment. The Growth Plan has identified key recommendations on where government leadership and investment is needed to amplify the impact of the Growth Plan's sector-led strategies. 


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