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Participating in the Growth Plan

The Growth Plan is a collective impact initiative — not a new organization. It is led and shared by many organizations and associations. All participants share credit for the innovation. All efforts amplify a shared message. Participants receive all the tools they need to implement the Growth Plan's strategies to expand supportive housing in Toronto. 

The Growth Plan offers different levels of participation and ways to contribute: 

All participating organizations:

Greater participation:

  • Commit to data collection and tracking on the Growth Plan’s metrics, including racial and sociodemographic data, recognizing that this can be progressively implemented and scaled.

  • Contribute to initial resourcing (suggested $5,000 or $10,000 per year depending on capacity). No one will be  excluded for lack of ability to pay.

  • Participate in the actions for ‘all organizations.’

  • Staff participation on a Task Force(s) – time limited projects to solve a problem or create a tool to execute Growth Plan strategies.

  • Actively pursue development or expansion.

Interested in participating? 

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